Ar-Rahmah Academy Madrasah Regulations & General Guidelines


  1. The minimum age of admission is four years.
  2. Priority for admissions is given to siblings of current pupils.
  3. Applicants will initially be on a trial period for two months.
  4. Change of address/telephone number must be notified immediately in writing.
  5. The following will be required at the time of confirmation of a place for the applicant
  • A completed and signed application form
  • A copy of the birth certificate (if asked for)
  • Admission fee (see clause 6 below)
  • A completed Standing Order Form if applicable (see clause 6 below)

Dress Code for Pupils: 

  • Topee (Cap)
  • Kurta (long shirt length reaching below the knees.
  • Trousers (ankles kept uncovered).


  • Jubba (plain, black and loose fitted reaching the ankles)
  • Qamees (long shirt, length reaching below the knees and with long sleeves
  • All students must conform to the Islamic Teachings of dress and appearance.


  • Admission fee for all classes is £20.00 This is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Fee is payable quarterly (every three months) and in advance. Fee is subject to change. Please visit for current fee rate.
  • Fee may be paid by Standing Order. Please contact the Academy for a Standing Order Form.
  • Late payment of fee (after the passing of the whole quarter in which fee is due) will incur an extra £5.00 administration fee.

Other Costs:

  • Study material costs; books stationary etc. will be met by Parents/Guardians

Attendance and Punctuality:

Lack of punctuality or absence affects learning and behaviour not only of the pupil who is late or absent, but it has a harmful impact on the education of other pupils. Ar-Rahmah Academy attaches great importance to attendance and punctuality and the following points must be adhered to;

  • The Madrasah classes begin at 4:45 pm (excluding the month of Ramadhan). Pupils should be in their classrooms ready for their lessons before then.
  • Pupils arriving after 4:50 pm are entered as late in the register.
  • Parents must notify the Madrasah of any absence/lateness AND the reason on the same day. The number to report absence/lateness is 07812 369804. Please send a text message.
  • Pupils should only be absent from or arrive late to Madrasah if absolutely necessary.
  • Holiday dates are on the Academy’s website and holidays must be booked accordingly.
  • Unauthorized absence and regular lateness may result in disciplinary procedures including suspension or expulsion. (See clause 23)

Hifz and Aalimiyyah Classes Attendance & Punctuality:
Pupils in the above classes must attend according to the class times specified by the Academy.
Hifz and Aalimiyyah Boys: 4:45pm-7:45pm Monday-Friday
Hifz and Aalimiyyah Girls: 4:45pm-7:15pm Monday-Friday
Pupils in the above classes will not be given leave for any activity which is deemed unnecessary by the Academy.

Drop off and Collection:

  • Classes start at 4:45pm. Pupils must not arrive before 4:35pm to the Academy.
  • Home times are fixed for each class. Parents must arrive on time to collect their children.
  • Males MUST use the front door at all times (Lyons Lane). The side door on Charnock street is for ladies only. If the parent or person responsible for collecting children is late the Academy MUST be informed, so the children can be kept safe in the Academy.

Discipline and Good Conduct:

  • Disrespect to teachers or misconduct from students such as foul language, verbal abuse, graffiti, physical violence, etc. may result in suspension or expulsion.
  • Reading material not related to the curriculum, mobile phones, mp3 players, i pods and other electrical audio output devices are strictly not allowed in class. Mobile phones MUST be handed in before class and collected after class.
  • Procedure for permanent expulsion: Whenever the Academy deems necessary, the following disciplinary procedure will generally be followed a) notify parents verbally (1st warning) b) written final warning c) permanent expulsion
  • Whenever the Academy deems necessary, detention will be given for half an hour after class or on a Saturday. This includes for not completing class work or homework. Parents will be notified. Parents must work with the Academy to ensure their children are able to realise their full potential.

Questions & Concerns:

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of your child’s education, please arrange a meeting with the Principal, (07812 369804).
  • Members of staff reserve the right not to discuss Madrasah issues outside Academy time.
  • Due to safety reasons Parents/Visitors are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from entering the Academy (Lyons Lane) without prior arrangement.
  • You will be notified of any changes/additions to the Madrasah rules and regulations.
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